Swiss Express Kitchen Full Makeover Package $12,888


Full Kitchen Makeover Package includes:

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Design Service

➡ Design consultation & space planning

➡ Design proposal & perspective drawing

➡ Proposal of materials, colours & accessories

➡ 3D visual perspective presentation

➡ Project management/site inspection/work schedule

➡ 5 years warranty with guaranteed after sales service

➡ Lifetime agent warranty for all carpentry hardware mechanism


Carpentry Works

➡ Fabricate & install 20ft top & bottom kitchen cabinet in high quality laminates finish & solid plywood c/w ABS Trimming Doors

➡ Blum soft close hinges for all casement doors

➡ 3 sets of Blum soft closing tandem runner

➡ 1 Set of Blum Aventos HK

➡ 1 set of frosted glass lift up door

➡ 1 set of “304 grade” 2 tier stainless steel dish drainer

➡ 1 set of cutlery tray

➡ Labour to install cooker hood, hob and oven


Demolition Works

➡ Hack existing floor finish at kitchen area only

➡ Hack existing wall finish at kitchen area only

➡ Dismantle existing kitchen cabinet

➡ Demolish existing sink/stove support

➡ Demolish existing motar base


Masonry Works

➡ Apply “Davco K11 Ocean Blue” waterproofing membrane on flooring at kitchen only

➡ 3 in 1 waterproofing pre-packed screed at kitchen floor only

➡ Lay heavy duty homogenous floor tiles at kitchen area only

➡ 2 in 1 pre-packed screed at kitchen wall area only

➡ Lay homogenous/Ceramic wall tiles (exposed area) at kitchen area (up to 400sft)

➡ 50mm thick kitchen cabinet base c/w side tiling

All tile selection will be up to $3.20 per sft & Tiles Size (30 X 30cm) & (30 X 60cm)


Plumbing Works

➡ Run new stainless steel cold water piping at kitchen area only

➡ Inlet/outlet piping for kitchen sink & washing machine

➡ Labour to install kitchen sink & sink tap


Electrical Works

➡ Reinstate 2 sets of lighting point at kitchen

➡ Reinstate 2 sets of 13A X single powerpoint at kitchen

➡ Reinstate 2 sets of 13A X double powerpoint at kitchen

➡ Install 1 set of cooker hood point

➡ Labour to install lights at kitchen existing lighting point


Kitchen Worktop

➡ Custom-made & install 10ft Quartz kitchen worktop (Including backsplash & single profile finishes)


Miscellaneous Works

➡ To paint kitchen ceiling using Nippon anti-mould ceiling paint

➡ To paint existing sewage piping using Nippon 9000 series

➡ To provide haulage of building materials

➡ Clearing of debris off renovation site

➡ Corrugated paper to protect affected areas

➡ Chemical wash and general cleaning upon completion of works


30% off for Excel kitchen Basket c/w lifetime warranty

Free Valenti cooker hob model (VC720G)

Free Valenti cooker hood model (VH1029)

Free stainless steel 3mm thick kitchen sink (Single/Double bowl) with 10 years warranty

Free POZZI single lever sink faucet (V320)