Guide and tips to renovating your kitchen

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, there are many moving parts and homeowners often have no idea which contractors or handymen to contact first before another one can start on their work.

As such it is often very helpful to hire a top interior designer to settle the kitchen renovation process for you.

With that said, keep in mind the following few pointers when it comes to renovating your kitchen.

Firstly it is important to have a budget

  • this will include what you need and want to have in your ideal kitchen

  • seeing if the budget you have allocated for renovating your kitchen is enough to accommodate your design

  • think about what you can do away with and what materials you would like to have

  • for these you have to make a list and back up for if a) you are unable to procure the items/ materials needed to build say the countertop you want b) which material is better and for what purpose

  • what features can you not have if it causes you to exceed your budget  

Second, look for inspirations on how you would like your kitchen to be

  • the lighting

  • color scheme

  • materials

  • layout

  • features

Interior Design Styles Available

There are many various styles and ways on how you can have you kitchen renovated to be.


With the minimalist design, less is indeed more.

Going for the minimalist look and layout is the perfect especially when you are living in a small apartment. But it can also be perfect if you just like the clean and little clutter look, the minimalist look ensures that you save space and live moderately with everything kept and left simple.

In achieving the minimalist look, think glossy marble finishes and bold strokes of black lines.  To warm up the look of the kitchen, you can also consider adding wood and warm light around the kitchen to give it a much cosy feel.

A tip to achieving the look is also to just simply scale down the amount of build-ins, furnitures or decorative features that you think of. This ensures that that the design maintains its sleek and clean look.  

You can speak to a professional for more minimalist interior design tips.


Another alternative to the classic minimalist look, the scandinavian style gives a clean, minimalist yet cosy style.  

There are five main elements to creating the scandinavian style:

1. Having natural palette such as white, grey and accents of black

Having lighter background such as white and light grey contrasting certain black elements in the kitchen brings out a very clean and simple look. Not only is it visually light on your eyes, it also creates a very beachy-villa vibe to your house.  

2. Allowing a great deal of natural light in

If you wish to achieve the scandinavian look, do try to create open window to allow the sunlight in. The natural light hitting against the pale background of your kitchen walls, this not only opens up your kitchen and make it look much bigger and open but it also helps you save electricity by just allowing the natural light from the outside to light up your kitchen.  

3. Have lots of wood and plants

These are crucial to warm up the room against the pale background. So be sure to buy potted plants to decorate your kitchen. It also gives you the added pop of colour in your kitchen.

4. Ensure that there are no jarring contrast

Make sure that your appliances and design in your kitchen is not starkly contrasting the pale palette of your kitchen. The lines and items should blend in rather than contrast the entire outlook of the kitchen.

You can speak to a professional for more Scandinavian interior design tips.


Industrial style kitchens are renowned for their spacious layout and functionality

The style usually comprises of say a vertical garden and wooden cabinet to warm up the raw industrial elements such as the deep grey and black background.  

There are also elements of tubes and industrial pendant lights that adds to the industrial chic. Wood furniture and accents also go well with this style of kitchen, bringing a touch of warmness into the cool layout.

A tip in decorating your industrial style kitchen is that you can add a pop of colour here and there in the design, such as red, green or refurbish the kitchen with vintage pieces.

Choosing the type of design and theme that you want for your kitchen is important as this affects the material that you are going to choose to fit into your theme.


Cost Factors in Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation can be costly especially with so many different aspects it encompasses such as:

  • plumbing job

  • carpentry

  • table tops

  • gas and electricity

  • appliances


Choosing the right countertop for you:


Granite is the most common and sort after material to use as a countertop. This is because the materials relatively easy to obtain and thus making it pretty affordable.


This material is softer than granite and would require delicate use and greater care. A natural stone as such would require to be sealed periodically.


You can customise your concrete countertop, from choosing the finishing of it; smooth, ground or making it marble-like, to the pigments of it. However, regarding the maintenance of it, it is similar to that of marble where it is advisable to seal them up up to four times a year and wax it with a paste every two to three months.


Having a wood countertop will instantly warm up your kitchen. They are also relatively easy to clean and any scratches can be sand out. However, be sure to have your wood countertop oiled frequently to seal the surface from any water, which could then damage your countertop. 


This is probably one of the most affordable countertop material in the market and it comes in an array of designs and colours. However, the disadvantage of it is that if a hot pan touches the surface, the countertop can be scorch and it might not be as scratch-resistant compared to the other materials mentioned.

It is advisable to consult your interior designer or contractor on which option is best suited for you. This not only ensures that you do not exceed your initial budget plans but also that there will not be able misunderstanding and confusion to your layout and design plan along the way.


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