Main reasons why you are going over your home renovation budget

Rewiring your house unnecessarily

Rewiring and adding more power points into your home layout is a costly thing. Not only must  you consider the cost of hiring a professional electrician, but there is also the added cost to cover up and find possible ways to map and lay out the various possible places for your wiring.

More often than not, when you are looking to add and rewire your home, you need to find ways to cover up the wires running around. The need to plaster and possibly add false ceiling will add to the cost of your renovation, which most homeowners are not prepared and have taken into consideration.

Further, it is a safety hazard if you choose not to cover up your wiring work and if you choose to skimp on that feature, it could end up costing you more money in the long run.  


Hacking is also another feature and added cost that many people do not fully comprehend just how expensive it can get.

This is especially so if you choose to do a partial wall hacking. Many people often have the misconception that doing a partial wall hacking is cheaper than having your wall completely hacked off. Partial wall hacking can cost around the same cost or possibly even more than to hack the entire wall. this is because it takes more precision and skills to hack the wall to the desired level.

As such, you are more so paying for the skills and effort to do a partial wall hacking than the act of hacking itself.

Complicated carpentry work

Carpentry projects that are complicated usually require more skills or more time, which translates to a higher cost.

Tips and hacks to keeping to your home renovation budget or simply just saving cost

When you are thinking of renovating your home. It is always good to have a list of needs and wants. One good tip to saving money is to simply start with the things that you feel are essential and vital for your home.  By using the divide and conquer technique, you might eventually realise that certain things are not essential to your home renovation.

1. Simple/ ready-to-install carpentry

Complicated or odd-shaped carpentry is one of the main reason which adds to your renovation cost. This is because of the skills needed to create such unique carpentry design. As such, you are not only paying for the carpentry itself, but also the cost to hire a professional to create your furniture.

The best way is still to get simple and minimalistic carpentry. This not only ensures that your design will be classic but also possibly lasting your for a longer period of time.

2. Overlay, and avoid hacking

Hacking as mentioned earlier is costly and at times you might have to put in extra work to even and cover up your flooring surface to make it even.

Instead, you might want to consider overlaying. Vinyl and laminate floorings are great options to overlay your existing flooring. They are not only durable due to the technology that exist in producing them but they are also very much affordable. You can get the look or tiles such as marble flooring or solid hardwood flooring with the currently technology that produce vinyl and laminated flooring, but without breaking your bank.

3. Get in as much natural light as possible

When designing or renovating your house, it is wise to try and get as much natural light into your home during the day time. This will not only save you money in terms of adding and installing lighting to brighten up your home but natural light also looks more pleasing aesthetically.

By making use of natural light you not only save money in needing to consider electrical work and installing lights but also your electricity bill.

Having neutral colour scheme as your wall and having open window areas will help to ensure that you get as much natural light into your home.

Tips to Reduce Makeover Costs

Sometimes old is gold. You might not have to spend money to give your home a new facelift or to have a revamp. There are many possible ways and hacks that you can consider to give your home a makeover.  

Rearranging your furniture

This will make it look like you have a new home layout and design, but in reality, you not only did not spend a single cent but simply just shifted a new major pieces of furniture in your home to make it look like you gave your home a design overhaul  

Repainting your walls

Giving your home a new set of painted walls not only is equivalent to giving your home a new face lift but it could majoring revitalise the look of your house.

If you are going for the clean and immaculate look, you can consider going for neutral palettes. It can not only brighten up your home as it allows for the light rays to reflect off the walls but it also gives you the really classy and warm look.

If you want to give you home a new and relatively drastic look, you can always consider giving your walls a splash of colour. By painting your house in a bright colour it automatically gives you house added personality. You might also just feel like your home just went through a massive overhaul. This is a cheap and convenient way to give your home a good makeover. 

Getting statement pieces for your house

If after a while you feel like your home is looking a bit too simple or dull, you can always give it a splash of personality by adding a few statement piece. Your chosen statement piece does not have to be costly, furniture store such as IKEA do offer a range of affordable art pieces that could add life into your home.

A simple dash of colour could liven and change the outlook of you house. Or if you are feeling spend-y you can always look for unique vintage pieces as your home statement pieces. if you like the retro theme, you can always hunt for old gaming pieces, it not only is a great entertainment piece but also a great attention-grabbing “furniture”.  

Adding greenery into your home

Sometimes, adding a few potted plants around your house could change the outlook of your home. Potted plants are not only affordable decor pieces but they do add a splash of colour in a subliminal way.  

With potted plants, you have the option of getting fake or real plants. Of course having fake plants will save you the trouble of needing to care for them.

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