5 furnitures to add a vintage look to your living room

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Vintage furniture has charm. Lots of them. It can easily add class and character to the overall vibe of a space. Depending on your preference, creating a specific atmosphere in an interior would mean a good combination of blends. Vintage furnitures can be newly created, from a second-hand furniture store or even ancestral belongings.

Here are five essential furnitures that will not only bring forth a prime look to the space, it will also emanate it own unique gleam.

Side tables and Cabinets: If you want to combine utility with aesthetics, then these furnitures are essential. Place them near the entrance passageway or at the corner of the room. Side tables are also great to feature ornaments or photographs.  

Loungers and chairs: What is vintage without a good old rocking chair. Position it in somewhere with natural light that can serve as you unwind.

Hanging and Decors: When vintage is not about furnitures, it is all about collectibles. Opt for the collectibles that are rustic, or grand if paired with modern leather chairs. Better yet, up the ante of your timed theme by displaying an old gramophone in your living room.

Coffee tables or Dining: Spring for midcentury design that works with your space. Do not be afraid to mix pieces from other time periods too. Aim to keep the placement of furnitures minimal so it blends well with other types of home décor.

At the end of the day, it is all about the accessorising. To add a stylish touch, try adding an arc lamp as a contrast in height and to complete the space.

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